Monday, 21 April 2014

Hong Kong [20/09/2013]

We departed on the 28th September for our flight. I remember it was pretty early that morning, around 5ish? I was so excited that night so i didnt get any sleep at all which was why i was so tired when we arrived at the airport.

A picture of me and my friend Skye when we arrived at the airport in Hong Kong. She looks sleepy as ahaha. Before arriving in Japan, we had a 2 night stop in Hong Kong. We arrived in Japan in the afternoon so we went exploring for a bit. (below)

Now, the foooddd OMGG. There were more food but these were my absolute favs!

Finally, we ended the night with a relaxing ride along the on the river on a ferry. Although the weather was hot and humid, the view was overall beautiful and we had a great time! We went for a stroll after the ride and then returned back to the hotel

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