Monday, 21 April 2014

Japan [2013-Host Family]

In 2013 I went on an exchange trip to Japan with my school for 2 weeks. As it was a school trip, we had to fill in a booklet which was like a diary that we had to fill in every night about our day. I can't believe i'm going to say this, but, i'm actually glad that we had one because it makes my life so much easier to recap my whole trip. So here it is.

Because it was a school trip, every student who went were hosted by a japanese student from our sister school in Akashi.  I was luky to have such an amazing and fun host family and they treated me like a real family member. Well i first arrived at the house, my house mum made me a welcome poster which was hung on the wall. She just made my day even better. Not only that, my host (the student)  bought me a few anime things and she even had a desk organised for me. THEY EVEN BOUGHT ME A MELON PAN!! (my fav food ahaha). 

It was a public holiday in Japan so we didnt go to school. My host mum and sister (the student) took me to see the Golden Temple (Kinkakuji temple). It looks so elegant and beautiful. It was actually a pretty hot day. Oh and i also bought a few charms but didnt take any photos because i bought them for my family.

They then took me to another temple to eat this mochi with sweet miso sauce. It was so satisfying and yummy!  Also i liked using the ladle to wash my hands. I know it sounds weird but the water felt so refreshing. I bought a fortune and got small luck but it was actually the first fortune ive ever bought so i found it pretty cool.

[Playing with the stamps]

Me and my host sister playing around ahah. I am so happy to be able to have them as my host family. They are absolutely the best people ive ever met

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