Monday, 21 April 2014

Japan [2013-Student's Life]

As it was a school trip, we of course had to experience the life of a student in Japan. The classes in Japan are actually very long and to me slow. It was slow because we stayed in the same class the whole day and the teachers were the ones who had to move to classes. Theres only like 1 lunch break and between classes there was about 10 minutes break. Some people ate during the breaks, or chat and there were even some people who were taking a nap.

My first ever bento made by my host mum. It was a cheese hamburger meat with tamagoyaki (egg rolls), salad and rice. There was also a ham wrap with mayonaise and i think it was cucumber or something inside but it was so delicious! Alsoooo don't you think the sauce container is so cute?! ITS A CHICK! <3

My class was mostly girls and there was only like 3 boys ahaha. This picture was taken on the last day of school and it was pretty funny how every just quickly gathered into the photo. Below are pictures of the girls/friends i usually hanged out with who were my host's friends.

This girl here is like my best friend in Japan. She has such a positive personality and i just love her so much!! 

Usually after school, me and my host would take a train back home and sometimes there would be some friends who tag along. If we have time we'd also go shopping

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