Monday, 21 April 2014

Japan [Sannomiya- 28/09/2013]

Finally a free day with my host family! We decided to have a day out with our friends from school so, the 6 of us decided to go sannomiya. In the morning it was only me and my host mum who went to meet up with our friends because my host was sick. But, then my host came later on when we went to take purikura.

[cutest character ever!]


I couldn't believe how they had a whole building dedicated to only purikura [photobooth]. It was also really cheap aswell. If i remember correctly it was around $4 whereas in Perth it's like $10! BARGAIN! 

Taiyaki [a fished shape cake commonly with red bean paste inside] and then more shopping!

[my funny host mum ahaha]

My host dad surprised us with the night view of Kobe. It was so beautiful and a sight that i'd never forget. 

This is definitely one of the best days i've had in Japan. A day that i'll always remember. Thank you to all my friends and family in Japan. I LOVE YOU!

 Can you believe this, but that peacock there is actually candy art. I just had to post this up because seriously, well done to all those amazing artists out there who could create such a lovely thing.

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