Monday, 21 April 2014

Vietnam [4/12/2012-12/12/2012]

Its been a while since i was in Vietnam so i can't really remember exactly what happened but here are some pictures of when i was there

Got my first starbucks in Singapore while we were waiting for the plane transfer. Mocha has always been my favourite ahaha and especially mocha frappe!

Plane food... Well you cant expect much from plane food but i guess the potato and i think pork was actually alright.. I never ate the bread, it was too dry for me.

 On our way to my mums hometown down south. A very long drive in a sleeper bus.

Us girls and the little kids were addicted to these. Quail eggs and this lemon and pepper salt sauce thingy. It was so addicting and cheap as well. The lady's store was like right next to our house so we often just went there, bought it and sometimes take it home to eat.

Going for out first motorbike ride to the markets. It was pretty funny because it was like 3 people on one bike and when we were going there, people were like staring at us.

Off we go again. On our way to my uncle's wife's town to pick up the wife. The main reason why we went to vietnam was because it was my uncles wedding, so most of it was tradition stuff when we went there. 

THE WEDDING DAYY (tradition)

[biggest durian ever!]

 When the ceremony was over, we got back home and my aunty made me this vietnamese dish which is the best and the ice coffee she makes is just amazing (cant believe i didnt take a picture of it) :(

WEDDING DAY (celebration)

I couldn't find alot of nice pictures of that day, since it was mostly on my mums phone so i just posted a pic of me that day. ahaha

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