Monday, 21 April 2014

Welcome to my new blog!

Hey guys!

Just an introduction of myself and what my whole blog is about. My name is Daphne and i'm an austalian born vietnamese. Since young, my dream has always been to travel to many places around the world, especially asia. The places that i want to visit mostly are Japan, Korean and Taiwan. In 2013 I was able to cross off one of my dream destinations which was Japan. Of course it would not be the only time ill go there, hopefully i will be able to go to Japan again in the future. I have also visited other countries in the past which include: Vietnam (my parents hometown), Thailand and Hong Kong.

In this blog, i will be posting my past experiences in the different countries that i've been to and also the places that i will be going to in the future. This includes the clothes, shops, cultural experiences and of course the food! I will also be posting the food i make as i LOVE to cook and bake in my spare time. Of course there will be other stuff that i will be posting but i'm not going to list it all ahaha. Oh! and also, i will be making youtube videos but it may take a while as i am still new to this.

Please enjoy exploring through my blog and if you like it remember to subscribe or follow me :) Thank you for visiting my blog and i hope to see you again.

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