Saturday, 3 May 2014

Easy Chinese Recipes P1

So, my mum left to America just recently and its only me and my brother at home. Since my brother is usually busy, im often the one who has cooks. Which, is a good thing as it means NEW RECIPES!! I have lots of recipe books and i watch a lot of video but never had the chance to try any. However since i have to cook now, i am finally able to practice!

On the first night, i cooked a few dishes from a book called "Easy Chinese Recipes" by Bee Yinn Low.  She also has a website with the recipes . I didnt have a printer to print out the recipes so i bought the book instead. Lucky when i bought it, i got the LAST ONE in the store !

 Mongolian beef

sweet and sour pork (my favourite!!)

(the whole meal)

Packed lunch for the next day!

Review of Boohoo

Check out my new video about my purchases from Boohoo Clothings! First video ever where you'll hear my voice ahaha... It took me quite a long time to make since i had no idea what to say. Anyways watch the video below and remember to subscribe my youtube account!~

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